February 3, 2016

What They Told Me as a New Seller

MILESTONE ANNOUNCEMENT: For the first time since opening my store in December, I had my first back to back sales day! That's right, my Valentine's Day Fitness Bingo sold yesterday and today! My store has officially sold five items in a little over a month. Big day!

As exciting as my personal story is, I really wanted to share something that I know a lot of bloggers write about, which is how to get started on TpT. There are countless blogs, forum posts, and YouTube videos jam packed with advice, but the ocean of information is so vast, I honestly feel like many people just glance over it and don't take it seriously. I was not that type of person and listened to everything they said...

  1. GET ON THE FORUMS. If I could only give a new seller like me one piece of advice, this would be it! The forums are PACKED with information, advice, community support, and positivity. Everything you ever need to know is in the forums and if you can't find what you need, you can ask in your own forum and other sellers will flock to help you!
  2. GO PREMIUM ASAP. I kept waiting to make a sale that never came and ignored everyone telling me to go premium from the beginning. I didn't want to "waste" $69.99 on something I didn't even know would be successful. I ended up going premium and TWO DAYS LATER made my first sale! The product was $5.00 and I kept $4.45. If I had remained a basic seller, I would have made HALF!!! I've now made five sales, which may not seem like a lot, but of the $27.00 in products I've sold, I've been able to keep $22.95 as opposed to $13.50. Overtime, that missed income would really add up. Believe in yourself, believe in your store, and go premium. You won't regret it {and everyone telling you this is telling you the truth}!
  3. DESIGN YOUR COVER PAGES. Include your store logo so buyers can recognize your products in searches. Make them bright and colorful. Include picture examples of your product. Make them consistent.
  4. INVEST IN QUALITY CLIP ART. It is worth it. Clip art will also become your new obsession... As will fonts. Remember to be practical and buy what you need and wish list others you may want so you don't blow a ton of money {I'm speaking from experience here folks, this current paycheck is tight due to overspending on clip art and fonts}.
  5. PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS. Make them short and simple, but ensure there is enough information so your buyers know exactly what they are getting. Include what is contained in the item, how you've used it, each of the components, and...
  6. PRODUCT LINKING. In your descriptions, link to other products within your store so buyers keep shopping. I have started to link to entire product categories as opposed to a single product in order to expose buyers to more of my store! Remember to use the <a href= "" > TEXT< /a> code {minus the spaces} so your links are clean and easy to use.
Sadly, it is late and I still have to finish some lessons for tomorrow since my classes moved through material faster than anticipated! The joys of having dedicated children. I hope to come back and add pictures/examples tomorrow.

Until next time,
xoxo The Sassy PE Teacher

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