January 22, 2016

All About the Valentine

As we come to the end of January, we quickly begin to approach {in my opinion} one of the most fun holidays of the year, Valentine's Day! I love this holiday for school, especially physical education, because there is virtually an endless supply of topics we can cover that coincide with the day. Heart health is a huge topic, both in PE and while in health. Since the we are quickly approaching this magical day full of hearts, love, and all the feelings, I wanted to highlight a few of my products that go with the day.

Valentine's Day Fitness Bingo | $8.00

This is the most expensive product in my store, but holy moly is it worth the money! I am so thrilled about this set and incredibly proud of the hard work and detail I put into it.

This set includes:

• 40 unique bingo cards
• 7 even sets of space covers {heart shaped - 62 each}
• Instructor Call Sheet
• Directions, Set-Up, and Game Play Information
• Exercise Zones for activities that require a mat or additional space
• Multiple Bingo Calling Pattern Ideas
• PDF formatted for easy and differentiated printing

I will note that this set does require a fair amount of work on the buyers end, but once it is complete, you are going to LOVE this amazing bingo game. I highly recommend laminating everything that comes with this product.

Another physical education resource I created specifically Valentine's Day is a fitness circuit that specializes in cardiovascular fitness:

This set includes:

10 Cardiovascular Fitness Stations
Minimal Equipment Required
PNG formatted for easy use and printing
Great for grades 5 - 8

For the health classroom, I have a fun, educational review game for the circulatory system. This Jeopardy game is the perfect review tool for grades 7-9, depending on your school and curriculum.

The PowerPoint presentation includes four question categories, with four individual questions (and answers) in each. Categories include:

• Parts with Heart (reviewing parts of the heart)
• Feeling Veiny (reviewing different types of vessels)
• What's Wrong (reviewing cardiac illnesses)
• Dracula's Tastebud's (reviewing blood types)

The presentation does include a final jeopardy question that was not included in the text the other questions were taken from. You can easily change any questions or final jeopardy once you've downloaded this product to fit your needs!

In other exciting news, I now have a grand total of 13 followers on TpT! I know that probably isn't a large number to other teacher authors, especially those who have been doing this for quite some time, but it is a big deal to me! I look forward to continuing to grow and learn in this amazing community.

Until next time,
xoxo The Sassy PE Teacher

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