January 24, 2016

Jonas and TpT

Winter storm Jonas has come and gone. Here in the Richmond area, we are seeing abandoned vehicles everywhere. The roads in the apartment complex are impassable, there is no status and no hope for the main roads... We are beginning to lose hope. Digging out is impossible. HAS JONAS NO MERCY!?

But in all seriousness, we are finally seeing the sun again! I went out to explore the aftermath this morning and laughed when I came up on the items in this picture. Needless to say, I took full advantage of the opportunity for some humor.

I've seen many forum posts about fellow sellers experiencing "Blizzard Sales" and I must say, an unexpected boost like that was largely in part to my own banking account dwindling away, slowly but surely! Cabin fever set in within the hour and I just kept seeing so many amazing resources and came up with a reason to buy every single one of them! NO REGRETS! But it did get me thinking about something... When teachers are out of school for unexpected reasons, are they more likely to buy? If I had access to that scale of data, I would absolutely conduct a research study on that to see if it's true.

What have been some of your inclement weather sales experiences? Have your sales gone up, dipped, or stayed the same? Share your experiences in the comment section below!

Until next time,
xoxo The Sassy PE Teacher

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