January 15, 2016

TpT: All About Linking!

I know this is my second post today, but as I mentioned before, I'm in the process of bringing the content from my old blog onto this one so bear with the extravagant posting for today!

As a new seller on Teachers Pay Teachers {TpT}, I am still learning new things every day. One of the biggest mistakes I made in the beginning of my store was posting entire links to products I've created or used from others in the product descriptions. It caused them to be long, sloppy, and unorganized. Thankfully, I went to the seller's forum on TpT and all of my evil habits are slowly but surely going back into hiding. Today, that habit pertains to linking in my TpT store!

In order to solve my problem many users directed me here. The site allows you to insert the link to the webpage and insert the text you would like the link to say. What then happens is magical! Your product description goes from looking like a hot mess {on the left}into a beautiful display of organization {on the right}:

I personally just love the simplicity of the hyperlink, as well as the organization of it. I highly recommend that all TpT sellers utilize this tool for crediting other products or showcasing their own products that are similar to the one being viewed.

You can find more information about these links from the forum thread. I hope you found this information helpful! I look forward to continuing my TpT Seller "education" and look forward to posting more information like this in the future!

xoxo. The Sassy PE Teacher

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