January 20, 2016

Upcoming Ideas

Happy Wednesday! We are getting ready for some winter weather here in Virginia and with that comes a much needed snow day so I can work on some awesome ideas I've been thinking of. Is it weird that I want to take my day off to do more work? Sometimes I think I'm crazy... Oh well, to each their own!

I have a few ideas cooking in the old noggin and I'm really excited to share them! With Valentine's Day approaching, I want to create some holiday specific lesson ideas. I thought a "heart hunt" would be a great addition to my store. The concept would be to have a "scavenger hunt" with seven stations and circuits. Each station would allow the students to collect a unique heart. In order to earn their heart, they must perform a cardiovascular activity and answer a question on the circulatory system in order to find their next clue station. I could even create three separate events, one for sixth, seventh, and eight grade.

Another idea I have is to create instant activity sheets, similar to my Five Large Group Games collection that I currently have on my store. I would love to continue to add similar products for various PE games.

I would also LOVE to create a Valentine's Day Bingo set for physical education as well. The only downside to this product is that there would be a lot of work for the teacher who utilizes it. They would have to cut out the cards, cut out the pieces to cover the bingo, or invest in a class set of sharpies which would force the teacher to have them laminated unless they want to reprint cards for every class which isn't practical. I love this idea, but I'm unsure of its practicality. Any ideas on this front?

Thank you for reading! If you think of any helpful suggestions, please leave me a comment!

Until next time,
xoxo. The Sassy PE Teacher


  1. I think creating a Valentine's bingo with physical education in mind is a great idea! I think you should make it. Here is what I have learned through the TPT forum...there are tons (over 4000, if I am remember correctly) of free Valentine's Day resources available on TPT. So don't feel frustrated if your Valentine's Day resources don't sell as well as some of your others. But if you have a Valentine's resource that hasn't been done before go for it. Also, I have many resources that require lamination. As a teacher I feel this is great because the resource can be reused if you just add dry erase markers.

  2. Thank you for the feedback! Your mind is right in line with what I was initially thinking, but I began to second guess myself. You have reaffirmed that I need to trust my gut!